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In order to make managing your Agency more comfortable, we have created the option to create Limited Accounts for one of your employees. Using the Limited Account, your colleague will be able to handle the most important functions of your Agency in your absence. Of course since we respect your privacy, not all information and features are available through a limited account.

Setting up a Limited Account

To create a Limited Account, all you need to do is to open your Account Settings, and turn the "Limited Agency access" option on. Now you have to give the Limited Account a password that differs from the password you are using for the Agency Account.

When your colleague wishes to log in to his/her Limited Account, he/she has to use the same e-mail address, but the newly created password. Of course later on, you will be able to change password for the account, or disable the feature by changing the option to off state.

Restrictions of a Limited Account

Since the Limited Account is created to help you in your work, it has several restrictions regarding its access to features.

These restrictions are the following:



View broadcasters(star)
Statistics in View broadcasters mode
member referral(star)
Online Support Chat(star)
Level dependent payment(star)
Payinfo FAQ
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