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Our Referral Program gives you a way to earn more by bringing new broadcasters and succeed like never before.

Bring new broadcasters. Get 10% commission on their earnings. Succeed together!

The more broadcasters you refer, the more you will earn!

How does it work?

Register new broadcasters in your Agency and they will be automatically referred by you! As alternative, you may share your referral link and if new broadcasters register accounts by using it, they will be referred by you.

After the account is registered and your broadcasters start to earn on you will earn too! But it is not all. You will earn from people, who are referred by your broadcasters as well.

You will receive commission for 1 year from referred accounts.


Can I refer a broadcaster who was once a broadcaster on Oranum?

No. All your referrals must be new. A former broadcaster registering a new account does not count as a new referral.

How is the referral income calculated?

You will earn a 10% commission of your referred Broadcasters' individual earnings. We combine your Credit-based earnings with their dollar-based earnings, and reward you with 10% of the total amount of their earnings every month!

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