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Introduction of our Awards game is organizing a new competition named Awards. The long standing and legendary contest, we hereby would like to introduce our Awards Game! We have designed it in order to reward our most appreciated Broadcasters in more categories than it was before!

We have an Awards contest every week. Each contest lasts for 7 days.

Fresh start for everyone, new opportunities to earn more by always providing your best! 

Description of the Awards Rules is laid down as follows:

Participation and Eligibility

The participation to the Awards is entirely free.

Any Broadcaster regularly registered on the Website can participate in the Awards game.

The Website has the right to verify the eligibility of each Participant.

If the Broadcaster uses fraudulent methods or otherwise attempt to circumvent the rules, its submission may be removed from the awards at the sole discretion of the Website. (for eg Self-voting)

Awards types and point collection

The new Awards has 5 separate categories that you can participate in.

And you have the opportunity to participate and win in all of them at once!

Once you are actively participating in the Game you can receive points in the Awards games. The more your fans interact with you, the more points you will earn. The amount of points you receive is based on how much you earn with different features. The more you earn with a certain feature, the more points you will have in the corresponding category.

You can participate in following games:

Video Call

Enable Video Call feature and make sure to answer incoming calls! Be available for your Fans and earn more. 

  • Don't be shy, answer the calls 
  • Keep up the conversation 


Always keep your Videos up to date! Engage your fans by uploading new content every day. You may check more about Videos here.

  • Upload Exclusive Videos and build your brand 
  • Encourage your fans to unlock Exclusive Videos in your Stories and Free Videos
  • Ask your fans what they would like to see in your next Videos


Always reply to your Members! Reply quickly and see where the conversation will take you both. Do not forget to send them photos, videos and audio messages! 

  • Keep up the conversation with your fans 
  • Send photos, videos, audio messages 
  • Personalize your messages 
  • Avoid sending auto-messages to your fans


This Game is to boost our new Broadcasters, so it is only available in the first 60 days after the registration of your first account. The more active new Broadcaster is, the higher rank will be in this category! 

  • Be online as much as you can 
  • Fill out your profile 
  • Upload Highlights 
  • Create your fan base by using the Video Call
  • Keep up the relationship by using messenger


By sending Surprises, your members can express their happiness and appreciation for you. The more Surprises you receive, the more points you'll get. Keep your members engaged!

You can receive Surprises during Live Streams, Video Calls, and even when you're offline.

Encourage your members to express their happiness and appreciation by sending Surprises.

Remember: Happy members send Surprises to say thanks!

Interact with your members as much as you can.

Prizes and Closing time of each Awards Game 

We will be giving out over $9,000 each week amongst the winners, $1,800 to each category!


 Awards is a weekly competition, which starts on every Monday at 10:00 CET.

You may always check the point amount and your rank in each game under Awards menu in your Broadcaster account. 

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