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Bring a friend. Get a 110% income share. Get an extra 10% commission on their earnings. Succeed together!  

Our Referral Program gives you a way to support your friends, earn more, and succeed like never before 

You’ll automatically start receiving a 110% income share as soon as you sign up to our Referral Program. That’s right- you’ll start earning 110% of your income even before you bring your first broadcaster friend! From that point on, you’ll receive a 10% commission on your referred friends’ earnings for a whole year!  

The more Broadcasters you refer, the more you will earn!

How does it work? 

First of all, join the Referral program and get 110% share immediately. 

Share your referral link with your friends through social media, email or any other platform. 

The referred person should create an account by using your referral link. 

After the account is registered and your friend starts to earn on you will earn too! But it is not all. You will earn from people, who are referred by your friend as well.

You may always check your income from from referred Broadcasters in the Broadcaster Center

You will receive commission for 1 year from referred accounts. 


  • What happens if I sign up for the program, but I don’t refer any new Broadcaster?  

If you cannot bring any new Broadcasters, your income share will be lowered back down to 100% 

  • Can I refer a friend who was once a Broadcaster on Oranum? 

No. All your referrals must be new. A former Broadcasters registering a new account does not count as a new referral. 

  • Will the 110% income share be applied to all of my earnings? 

Your 110% income share only applies to all your Coin-based earnings. You will still earn 100% of your USD earnings.  

  • How long I can keep my 110% income share? 

After you join the Referral Program, you will enjoy 110% income share on your earnings for a full year! At the end of your first year in the program, your income share will be adjusted to 100% again for all your earnings. 

  • How is the referral income calculated? 

You earn a 10% commission of your referred friends’ individual earnings. We add your friends’ Coin-based earnings to their dollar-based earnings and reward you with 10% of the total amount of their earnings every month! 

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