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Coins are our website’s currencyMost importantly, they come with a record-high income share of 100%! That means you’ll keep 100% of the income you make from the Coins you earn. No complicated math. No fine print. Only coins offer you a 100% income share! 

What are coins used for?

Your fans will use Coins to interact with you and your content.  

Take a look at all the features that your fans will have to use Coins for to enjoy.  

You set your own prices in Coins in your account

You’re done! Promote your profile and feature and enjoy taking home 100% of your income 

How can I convert Coins to USD? 

1,000 Coins equals to $1. If your fans spend 1,000 Coins, you get $1. 

Now that’s easy money! 


What happened to Credits? 

Credits have been removed from our site. Coins offer your Fans more value, and they will in turn spend more on you and your content!  

How can my Fans purchase Coins?  

Fans can purchase Coins at multiple points of our website. For example, they’ll be asked if they’d like to purchase Coins whenever they want to access a paying feature. 

I heard I can raise my Coin-based income share to 110%! How can I do that? 

We’ll immediately raise your income share to 110% for a full year when you sign up to our Referral Program. Check more about Referral Program here. At the end of your first year in the program, your income share will be adjusted to 100% again for all your earnings.

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