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Our new prices let you earn more than ever before. Since you’ll keep 100% of every Coin you earn, you can work less and earn a lot more!  

Coin-based Features 

You can find all the Coin-based features below. You’ll start with an income share of 100% for all Coin-based features, but you can raise that to 110% by joining our Referral Program. You’ll get a personal link to share so you can refer your friends to work with us.

  • No one receives commission for messenger features (including messages/offline surprises/story reactions/etc) until you answer to the message, so we avoid neglecting the member.

  • The price is deducted from the member’s account as soon as they send the surprise or message, but it is not added to your account until you answer.

Dollar-based Features

These features, let your set a price in USD instead of Coins. Any bonus income you get from us is also paid directly in USD. You will always enjoy a 100% income share when you earn with a dollar-based feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which features count toward my Coin-based earnings, and what is my income share?

    Basically, every feature where you set the price will count toward your Coin-based earnings, except for Subscriptions. You start at 100% income share, but as soon as you join the Referral Program, that number will rise to 110%! Any commissions you earn from your referred friends will be added on top of your 110% income share!

  • Which features count toward my USD-based earnings, and what is my income share?

    Subscriptions, Awards, and other additional bonuses make up your USD-based earnings. You will enjoy a 100% income share on all your USD-based earnings indefinitely. For example, if you make $1000 in a month with Subscriptions, you will receive $1000 at the period’s payout date.

  • How I can raise my income share to 110%?

    Very easily! All you need to do is join our Referral Program and we will immediately raise your income share from Coin-based earnings to 110%!
    Click here to join.

  • How long can I keep my 110% income share?

    After you join the Referral Program, you will enjoy 110% income share on your earnings for a full year! At the end of your first year in the program, your income share will be adjusted to 100% again for all your earnings.

  • How can I convert Coins to US Dollars? Can you give me an example?

    For every 1,000 Coins you earn, you’ll make $1. For example: say you earned 950,000 Coins from Coin-based features, and $750 from USD-based features. First, convert your Coins to dollars (950,000 Coins is $950). Then, add your USD earnings. Your payout would be $1,700 ( $950 + $750 )


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