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Go LIVE and enjoy the attention!

Live stream can be started from the Oranum Broadcaster App, from the desktop application OranumCam or even from Browser.

You can download OranumCam from your Broadcaster Center Home page.

It is possible to start streaming from your browser by clickin on the Go Online Now button.

You can download our application from google play/app store, and start streaming from your mobile device too!

Being Live is not only one of the requirements of the Daily Awards, but also a great way to get more exposure. members can connect with the Broadcasters more personally and will be able to see what kind of content they can expect from the Broadcasters.

TIPS to keep in mind when going LIVE

  • Be engaging
  • Interact with the members
  • Communicate and pay attention to the viewers
  • Be prepared and representable when going Live
  • Encourage members to start Video Call
  • Encourage members to message you
  • Show interest towards the members

Promote your upcoming Live session!

Broadcasters can set their next Live date in the BM Oranum Broadcaster and it is also suggested to post a Story note about the upcoming session. Members will know when to expect you and Broadcasters can also reach to a wider audience. Planning the Live stream is essential to make the members stay for the entire session and enjoy the stream.

Schedule Live session ahead!

Scheduling shows for Live with specific topic can be beneficial for standing out of the crowed. Try to add special thoughts in the shows and always follow the social media trends around the world.

Live stream has tons of benefits to enjoy!

  • The more a Broadcaster goes Live, more members will join
  • Welcome Bonus - 100 hours Live time for extra 30% - 50% share
  • Promote Video call, Messenger and Exclusive highlight features to earn more 
  • Higher exposure on the website - Top position on the website and dedicated Live filter


  • Always be able to engage, read, and respond to members
  • Identify the purpose of your Live broadcast.
  • Promote your Live session in advance.
  • Create an outline if you plan to be live for 30 minutes or more.
  • Answer DMs and questions.
  • Encourage them to ask questions, leave comments, then say your reply.
  • If you see a guest, added to your conversation – tell them to make an account to enjoy more of you!

For information on LIVE session rules, visit: RULES wiki page.

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