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When you work with Oranum, success comes fast and easy! 

To help newly registered broadcasters launch their careers, they can take advantage of our valuable incentives!

For the first 60 days after registration, all our broadcasters are Newbies and we offer them many chances to get started on our site and build up their member base.

We offer the following special opportunities to our new broadcasters during the first 60 days:
 Enhanced Visibility: They can be found by selecting the "New" filter on the site to encourage members to discover them.
Newbie Awards: They have Newbie specific Awards to help them increase their earnings.  The more active a new broadcaster is, the higher the ranking they will have in this category! For more details check our Awards Wiki page.

Our newbie incentives are meant to boost the visibility of our newcomers. They are only available for the first 60 days after registering an account on Oranum. The incentives will end 60 days after registration.

On the Home page you may find the countdown to keep track of how many days remains. When counter reaches 0, the Newbie incentives are over.

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