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"I uploaded the video but it is not showing up. How can I check to see if it is uploaded on my page and showing up on the site?”

Here is the best way to see if your content is showing up on your page.  Go to the internet, and type in your Oranum URL to view your page.  It would be. (Where it says YourScreenName is where you would type your actual screen name).  If you go to view     your page, and you cannot physically see    your video or story, then IT DID NOT UPLOAD.  You should check this almost every night to make sure all your content is live and showing up! If it is not posted when viewing your page, please go back into your app and re-upload your content.

“Why won’t my video post?”

 Majority of the time, it is because you have more than 25 Free videos.  You can only have a max of 50 combined. If this occurs, please delete some of your older ones to make room for your new ones. An easy way to do this is once you reach your limit, every time before posting, just delete your oldest video (free & exclusive) and then upload for that day.

“I posted but I didn’t know that my photo from yesterday got rejected. Can I make it up today with another post?”

 Unfortunately, moving forward, the answer will be no. The first reason is that we give you all the reasons why your photos may get rejected. Also - you should view your story throughout the day, and it will actually tell you on your photo or video if it is rejected. 

“Where can I find technical support?”

You can find technical support by opening your Oranum Broadcaster , click the profile icon on the bottom right of the screen, then click the three bars at the top right, click on “Online Support Chat”, and then click “Enter Chat”. Once on the screen, you must keep the chat open until they are able   to help resolve your issue. If you enter texts, and close the chat, the connection is closed. When you go back in and start the chat again, it starts a whole new connection with support. They are available 24/7. As with any technical support, you are placed in a que until tech support is finished  working with the Broadcaster before you. Please allow yourself enough time before midnight to be able to resolve any issues you are experiencing.

“Who do I message when I am having an error uploading content?

Technical support is available 24 hours a day to help with all technical issues you may encounter. You should always message tech support first to resolve the issue. 

“Is there a way I can make more money in addition to Awards reward?”

YES! We encourage all of our Broadcasters to take advantage of using your premium features such as direct messaging, picture messaging, and video chats. Additionally, refer your friend and earn more. This is a great way to monetize your Oranum account.

“Can I share my Oranum link on other social media platforms?”

 Absolutely, YES!! This is a great way to bring your social media following to

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