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Introduction - The importance of Profile Pictures

A Member’s first impression of you will always be from your Profile Picture. This is the first item that appears when they visit the site. For this reason, the requirements are high. Its in the Broadcaster's own interest to have excellent quality images. Following these guidelines will increase your own visibility. 

Getting started

First, allow us to give some tips on how to create the best picture possible. The focus is highlighting your talent! How can you achieve it?  

Since a Broadcaster's goal is to attract a Member's interest, we recommend using esoteric tools that reflect your skills. You may also put on unique accessories that emphasize your abilities. Also, setting up a proper background with excellent lighting conditions is equally important. 

Use high-quality images that reflect a professional atmosphere. This will catch the attention of Members. To reach the required quality, we kindly suggest visiting a professional photographer if possible. Asking a friend with a great camera is also a great option!  

Take as many shots as possible in one sitting. The more you take and the more positions and settings you try, the easier it will be to select the best photo. You can always upload the other ones to your Story to have more content there! 

Technical requirements

Acceptable image types are JPG, JPEG, PNG 
Recommended image type is JPG, all non-JPG files will be converted 
Minimum picture size is 720 x 720 pixels 
Maximum file size is 15 MB per photo 

In general

The quality has to be excellent. Crystal-clear, sharp images are required. 
For guidance, we recommend that the composition of the image should resemble a magazine cover. It should be tasteful, elegant, and neat. 
Professional/studio photo shoots are welcomed and highly encouraged. 
A poorly lit, blurry, or pixelated photo taken is NOT acceptable. Please also keep in mind that only the registered person(s) can appear in the pictures. 

Quality Requirements

Most common mistakes regarding quality

  • Pictures taken by a webcam or mobile phone with a poor lense: Unfortunately, these images do not meet the quality requirements. We strongly recommend the use of a digital camera. If you do not yet own a digital camera, perhaps you could borrow one from a friend. 
  • Ask for help from someone who has some knowledge about photography: Whether your pictures are taken in a professional studio or at home, make sure that the person who is taking your photo has some proficiency. They will need to have at least minimal knowledge about lighting conditions and composition. 

Sharp and Clear Images

By adjusting the image quality to the highest setting, you can avoid ending up with over-compressed pictures, which may keep Members from checking your profile. No matter how great of a Broadcaster you are, a pixelated, grainy photo will always makes a bad first impression. 

Please feel free to use online picture editing tools to optimize your image. There are many popular image-sharing websites that offer the option of editing and optimizing your picture with one click, so you can bring out the best of it. 

  • Blurred, fuzzy, grainy photos are not pleasant to look at. Members will not be intrigued to visit your profile if your face is not visible. 
  • Webcams are not suitable for taking high-quality profile pictures. We strongly recommend using a digital camera. 
  • Selfies, or images where you are holding the camera in your hand do not look professionalFor best results, visit a professional photographer or ask someone to take a picture. That wat you can focus on looking your best instead of worrying about handling the camera.

Photo manipulation

Do not heavily manipulate your photo after taking it. Any extra images, texts, icons or heavy modifications will be rejected. Instead of focus solely on you. Your best bet is to be the center of attention. Please also keep in mind that additional frames, time stamps, and various logos (including the Oranum logo) are not acceptable either. Rotated photos are also not accepted.

Image Size

Changing the size of the photo by adjusting the aspect ratio will result in a distorted image. Please crop the picture to get the desired size. We recommended using the genuine version of the taken picture. 

Lighting conditions

Setting up proper lighting conditions is very important. Here are some useful tips for the perfectly lit picture: 

  • Avoid standing in front of a window or a lamp. 
  • Try taking the picture so that the light comes from behind the camera. 
  • Avoid shiny materials in the background which may reflect the flash. 
  • Your picture should not be yellow, too dark, or too bright. 

Composition Requirements

Once you are sure that the quality meets the requirements, you may start focusing on the composition of your picture. The goal is to create a tasteful image, that gives a professional impression.

Common mistakes that you may pay extra attention to:

  • Make sure that your face is fully visible in the picture. Pictures of your individual body parts will not be accepted as a Profile Picture. 
  • Avoid missing part of your head from the image, we cannot accept cropped, headless photos. 
  • Pay attention to the background, a chaotic background is not appealing, but standing in the corner of the room or in front of a wall or a mirror does not have the desired effect either. 
  • Avoid displaying items such as wires, power plugs, door knobs and door frames, blinds, fans and other random objects in the background that ruin the overall atmosphere of your picture. 
  • Avoid uploading casual pictures, such as those taken on vacation, in restaurants, in the middle of your kitchen or living room etc. Try to create an organized, attractive setting so your environment looks just as enchanting as you do! 
  • Avoid poses where your face is not clearly visible, as you might be unrecognizable this way. 

Remembering the rules

Every part of the Prohibited Content list is also unacceptable to be shown on profile images, such as:

  • Drugs 
  • Alcohol 
  • Weapons of any kind 
  • Blood 
  • Offensive content or hate speech 
  • Offering or accepting escort services 
  • Brutality (includes using or pretending to use sharp objects like knives, choking oneself, or talking about such actions) 
  • Bestiality (or talking about such actions)


Below, our aim was to summarize the most important things which you need to pay attention to when taking your profile pictures.

  • Professional atmosphere and an esoteric outfit or proprs that reflect your skills 
  • Excellent quality - photo should be taken by a digital camera 
  • Great lighting conditions - Not too bright nor too dark photos 
  • Tasteful, organized background - indoor images are more than welcome 
  • Animated pictures will not be accepted 
  • All registered persons need to be visible - and only the registered ones 
  • Appropriate cropping 
  • Prohibited content cannot appear at all 
  • No labels