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How to start your Registration

We are extremely happy to hear that you wish to join our Community!

To start your registration on Oranum, please visit and click on the "Join Us Now" button and provide your valid Email address (you will receive crucial information via your Email) and a Password. Please also tick the box next for "I accept the Services AgreementSensitive Data and Cookie policies for Broadcasters/Agencies" and read through them carefully. You can review the Site's rules on the following link: Rules.

Once you click on the Create Account button, you will be directed to the next step.

Please note that on Oranum, you may only have one active registration at anytime. If you registered more then one Account, you will be asked to decide which one will be used for streaming on the website. We implemented this rule for making sure that your Clients will find you easily and will be not confused by the different names they can see under your Profile Photos. 

It is important to note, that your Account is not visible on the Site if it is incomplete, the Profile Photo is missing or you did not pass the necessary Testing and Screening Process yet. 

Account Type

As a first step you can now choose between Single and Agency account. Single accounts are better suited for individual Broadcasters. Later you can transform your Single account to a Agency, by adding new Broadcasters by clicking the 'Add new Broadcaster' button.

Agency accounts are for managing two or more Broadcaster accounts. Since it is easier to handle multiple accounts here, we advise to choose this option if you would like to recruit more Broadcasters under your Agency. All income your registered Broadcasters earn, are paid out to you, the Agency Owner.

Personal data

The next step is to fill out the upcoming page with your real legal details based on the personal identification document you would like to register with. Please enter your: 

  • Full legal name
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Display Name (Will be generated for you based on your First and Last name, but this can be modified.)

Registration pictures 

In order to identify you as the owner of the ID, we ask you to upload pictures of it.

First of all, attach a freshly made face+ID photo (hold your document next to your face, your whole face and all the details of the ID should be fully visible). Secondly, please upload a picture of the front and back of the ID.

Every government-issued photo IDs can be suitable for acceptance e.g.: passports, driver's licenses, residence permits, voter cards, insurance cards, etc. (learner permits, bank cards etc. are not acceptable).

Our ID requirements are:

  • type: government issued photo ID
  • Latin alphabet (it must be readable in English), we are unable to accept ID's written with Cyrillic or Arabic letters
  • every edge must be visible
  • data must be clearly readable
  • not damaged
  • not expired

Once you click on FINISH, your account has been sucessfully created.

Display Name Policy

An appealing Display Name can engage more Visitors and direct them to your room, so it is really important to choose your name carefully. Please note that if your Display Name violates our Naming Policy, it will be rejected and you will need to choose a different one.

Please make sure that your Display Name:

  • does not refer to underage people (e.g. not contains the followings: teen, young, teenager, youth, kid, minor etc.)
  • does not contain trademarks or copyrighted phrases (e.g. famous brands, name of a musical brand, famous characters, even if the name was modified a bit)
  • is not a famous person's name (e.g. artists, actors/actresses, business men, politicians, especially if they relate to an autocratic regime)
  • is not offensive to others (does not refer to drugs, death, religion, violence, sexuality, racism etc.)
  • Oranum/Admin personification is forbidden
  • If your chosen Display Name is similar to an existing one, it can be also rejected
  • Numbers, special characters or space in Display Name are not allowed

You can register your real name as Display Name on the website, however due to security and privacy reasons we do not recommend it.

Payout Method

For starting your journey on ORANUM, you will need to choose a payout Method, what is available in your country. For further information, please visit: Payout System

Screening Process 

Once your registration is completed, please visit our Support Chat for completing the mandatory Screening Process.

There are only 3 quick and simple steps you need to complete.

As a first steps, we will check your connection speed. After you passed the Speed Test, you will need to come online for a Video and Audio Check. If they are suitable for streaming, you may continue and complete the Test Reading. 

Since you can stream on Oranum even from mobile (beside laptop or desktop computer), you can complete your tests from your phone as well, however you will be asked to complete the tests through the platform you will be using in the future.

OranumCam and Broadcaster Application

You can go online by downloading and installing the OranumCam software from your Psychic Center. Please click on the yellow "Download OranumCam" icon on the main page for starting the process. Once it have successfully downloaded, you can go online if your sign in with your registered email address and your password.

If you use a mobile device, please download the Broadcaster Application either from AppStore or GooglePlay. After signing in with your registered email address and password, you are able to go online of you tap Go Live button in your profile.

Profile Photo

An attractive Profile Photo is the first step for reaching a successful career on ORANUM. Please follow this link for our tips and tricks for uploading a proper picture: Profile Picture Requirements

Promotions for Newbies

Your career is important to us! We have many tools that freshly starting Psychics may use to promote themselves and their skills, as well as programs that award hard work and dedication with monetary rewards.

 Enhanced Visibility: For 60 days your profile can be found by selecting the "New" filter on the site to encourage Members to discover them.

The Welcome Bonus will boost your earning if you stay online for a set amount of time, while the New Awards category offers you the chance to partake in a competition specifically designed for starting Psychics.

On the Home page you may find the countdown to keep track of how many days remains. When counter reaches 0, the Newbie incentives are over.

If you would like to find out more, please read our Welcome Bonus and Awards pages.


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