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Start your Registration

To start your registration on Oranum, please visit and click on the "Join Us Now" button.

Once you click on the "Join Us Now" button, you will be asked to provide a valid Email address and Password.

You will need to check the box next for "I accept the Terms & ConditionsPrivacy Policy and Cookie Policy for Broadcasters/Agencies".

Once you click on "Create Account" you will be directed to the next step.

Account Type

As a first step you can now choose between Single and Agency account. Single accounts are better suited for individual Broadcasters. Later you can transform your Single account to a Agency, by adding new Broadcasters by clicking the 'Add new Broadcaster' button.

Agency accounts are for two or more Broadcaster accounts under the Agency. Since it is easier to handle many accounts here, we advise to choose this option if you would like to recruit more Broadcasters under your account. All earnings from Broadcasters under the same Agency is paid out to the Agency.

In case you wish to create a single account only for yourself, you need to select 'Single account'.

Personal data

The next step is to fill out the upcoming page with your legal personal details based on the personal identification document you would like to register with. 

  • Your full legal name
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Display Name (Will be generated for you based on your First and Last name, but this can be modified.)

Registration pictures 

To make sure that you are the owner of the ID, some pictures need to be uploaded.

We only accept government-issued documents such as IDs, passports, and driver's licenses or residence permit, voter cards, or insurance cards (learner permits, bank cards etc. are not acceptable)

Once you click on "FINISH". You have successfully created your account.

Account status 

Congratulations! You can now login to your Oranum Psychic account.

Once you are finished with the procedure, your personal data and uploaded pictures will be reviewed by our Support Team. You can track the progress of your account by checking its Status.

If your account is Pending, your data is being reviewed. It usually takes between 1-3 hours to review your registration.

Your account may be Rejected for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common ones:

  • Failing to upload registration pictures of adequate quality.
  • The owner of the ID card cannot be recognized in the Face+ID picture.
  • Previous violations of rules.

In this case, you will be asked by the system to correct the cause of the rejection, and our Support Team is also always available to lend a hand.

If your account is Active, your data is approved and you are ready to go online!


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