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In order to make the Oranum experience secure and clean for both Broadcasters and Viewers, we have the following set of rules.

Live Rules 


  • Do not stream from bad streaming locations (no streaming while driving, dark rooms etc.)

  • Do not eat in Live 

  • Do not leave the camera feed

  • Do not do distracting activities (browsing the phone, watching TV, sleeping etc)

  • Do not be inactive

Suspension System

 Exchanging, giving out, asking for or accepting personal information

In case of Exchanging contact information penalty, all accounts will be suspended for 24 hours.  During this time you cannot register new accounts. After that period, your account will be automatically opened. Only two accounts can be released from suspension, the others will be closed.

If such a violation occurs again, the same sanctions take effect. On the third occasion all accounts will be permanently closed, though the Broadcaster may register one last account. If the same violation happens again, all accounts will be permanently closed and the Broadcaster won’t be allowed to re-register.

Exchanging, giving out, asking for, or accepting personal and contact information is prohibited on our site.

This includes the exchange of

  • addresses
  • messenger IDs
  • phone numbers
  • email addresses
  • social networking site contacts

Keeping communication within the Oranum system is for your own protection and financial interest. Oranum keeps information safe and secure.

If you receive such requests from your Viewers, you must refuse them plainly.

We suggest the use of the following built-in tools to keep in touch with your customers.

Video Call


Go Live

 Unregistered person using the account

Your account will be suspended for 24 hours. After that period, please contact our Support Chat to confirm identities to lift the suspension.

Keep in mind that all incomes earned by involving unregistered persons will be deducted, because we are in partnership only with the registered account owners.

If the violation recurs, the same sanctions will take effect. On a third occasion, all accounts will be closed permanently, though the Broadcaster may register a new account as a very last chance. If the violation recurs a fourth time, all accounts will be permanently and irrevocably closed. The Broadcaster will not be allowed to re-register.

It is also prohibited to stream with unregistered person

 Promoting other web services

Talking about other web services is not permitted on Oranum. Advertising or promoting third party services or other websites during your time on Oranum is strictly forbidden. We offer you wide range of tools for promoting yourself. Our aim is a prosperous cooperation. Let’s respect each other and our common goal!

In case of "Promoting other websites" penalty, all of your accounts will be suspended for minimum 24 hours. After that period, please contact our Online Support Chat to open your accounts.

 Prohibited content

The following are not allowed to appear under any circumstances on your uploaded content or in Video Call:

  • Drugs, Alcohol
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Blood
  • Offensive content or hate speech
  • Offering or accepting escort services
  • Brutality (includes using or pretending to use sharp objects like knives, chocking oneself, or talking about such actions)
  • Bestiality (or talking about such actions)
 Make your Viewers your Priority

All of your attention should be on your audience:

No sleeping, no watching TV, no reading, no other activity is allowed which distracts you from focusing on the stream!

 Visiting another Broadcaster

You shall not visit the Channel of another Broadcaster, interact or try to interact by mean of the free chat tool with another Broadcaster of the Website, in a way that is detrimental, harmful, defamatory, offensive, or threatening to the other Broadcaster. 

Minor Violations

 Smoking or Eating

A good attitude towards the Viewers will not only help you avoid the penalties, but also attract more Video Calls as well as surprises for you.

Please avoid smoking or Eating.

 Leaving the Camera Image

Why is it important to remain visible at all times?

Members are going to visit your Room for guidance, however if they only see an empty room they will leave quickly and you may lose potential Customers.

Things to avoid

  • Leaving your Chat completely unattended.
  • Refusing communication with Members and Guests.

Pay attention to the following things

  • Remain visible at all times.
  • If you need to leave, you should sign off.
  Another person's appearance in the camera feed while the Psychic is in online

The accounts on ORANUM are to be used only by the registered account owner/s.

Please do not let other people appear in your live feed, even for a short period of time.

Please note that Members are looking for the exact Psychic who appears on their Profile Pictures, so another person in the camera feed might cause a misunderstanding and inconvenience. Sharing your account with others can also comprise a security risk.

If a Member asks you to have a seance in Free Chat or a Private Session with another person, kindly refuse their request.

Major Violations

Oranum has no intention to support immoral interests; therefore strict rules have been set forth.

Any kinds of Underage Content is strictly prohibited on our site and considering as Major Violation.

Underage person appears in the camera image

If an underage (or underage looking) person appears in the camera image all related accounts of the Broadcaster will be immediately closed and she will not be able to re-register on the site again.

Having a call with an underage person 

Staying in a call with a person who claims to be younger than 18 years of age results an immediate and permanent account closure. The same rule applies if the user mentions there is an underage person present.

The Broadcasters have to reject providing shows to an underage user and report the issue to Support Chat immediately. 

Broadcasters who violate this rule will have their accounts closed.

Talking about underage content

It is absolutely prohibited to pretend to be below the legal age, or engaging in conversation where either party is talking about minors in a sexual manner.

Broadcasters who violate this rule will have their accounts closed.

Abusing the awards System

Psychics who Vote for themselves, start a private with themselves from fake Member accounts, or abuse the system in any way will be removed from the Awards permanently.

Imitating medical help

You are not allowed to diagnose diseases, nor are you allowed to give advice on medical treatments. If you get the information that a Member/Visitor is ill, then you must advise the Member/Visitor to visit a doctor. Any health-related advice given by you can only be general and shall not, in any way, be communicated to the Members or Visitors as an end in itself.

Refusing to Communicate with Admin

Site Administrators may contact you anytime via Private Chat while you are online.

The reason for contacting you might be:

  • Providing technical help,
  • Giving useful advice,
  • Information about temporary site related problems,
  • Information about Member feedback,
  • Calling your attention to the Rules, and
  • For identification.

Administrators may contact you anytime, therefore we would like to kindly ask you to pay attention to and cooperate with them. Our aim is to help and assist you in your development as an online Psychic on ORANUM.

Important Notice

Since administrators will only contact you when it’s important, please do not close the Chat or refuse to communicate with them. They are contacting you to provide personal assistance. Closing the Chat or refusing to communicate may lead to further unnecessary problems and consequences.

Please also keep in mind that being rude or arrogant with our Support Staff (Admins) in our Online Support Chat Room, via e-mail, or during a regular Admin Chat (for inquiries or Violation notices) is highly prohibited.

Any activity mentioned above will be considered a Violation against the site. According to our Penalty System in case of such a Violation all of the Psychic's accounts will be suspended immediately until the broadcaster contacts us to discuss the case at the Online Support Chat Room.

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