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Minor and Major Violations 

We wish to make the Oranum experience as secure and clean for both Broadcasters and Viewers as possible. Thus, in order to avoid breaking the rules and regulations of the site there is a violation system applied. We differentiate Major and Minor Violations. Major ones are more severe than Minors, they can result in certain penalties, as well as in account suspension or permanent closure, while Minors can be penalized with deducting money from your earnings. Please keep the rules in mind and make sure that you do your best to meet them.

We collected them here for you, let's check out the examples!

Major Violations

Personal Contact information exchange

Exchanging, giving out, asking for, or accepting personal and contact information is prohibited on our site. Contact information exchange may result in deduction, Account suspension or permanent closure. 

This includes the exchange of

  • addresses
  • messenger IDs
  • phone numbers
  • email addresses
  • social networking site contacts

Keeping communication within the Oranum system is for your own protection and financial interest. Oranum keeps information safe and secure.

If you receive such requests from your Viewers, you must refuse them plainly.

In case you put outer social media links onto your Bemyfan Account, please do not share it on Oranum. You can freely post it on your other social media channels however.

Unregistered person using the account

Only the rightful owner can use the Account, who made the registration. Streaming by an unauthorized, untrained person may result in deduction, Account suspension or permanent closure.

Keep in mind that all incomes earned by involving unregistered persons will be deducted, because we are in partnership only with the registered account owners.

It is also prohibited to stream with an unregistered person.

Underage person appears in the camera feed

If a minor appears in the feed, your Account will be terminated immediately as people under the age of 18 cannot use or appear on the site under any circumstances. 

Giving service for minors

The site cannot be used by those, who are under 18 years of age. Providing service for a person who claims to be younger than 18, may result in deduction, Account suspension or permanent closure. The same rule applies if the user mentions there is an underage person present.

The Broadcasters have to reject providing shows to an underage user and report the issue to Support Chat immediately. 

Promoting other web services

Advertising or promoting third party services or other websites during your time on Oranum is strictly forbidden. We offer you wide range of tools for promoting yourself. Our aim is a prosperous cooperation, that builds on mutual respect as we reach towards our common goal!

Promoting other websites may result in deduction, Account suspension or permanent closure. 

Refusing to communicate with Admin

Site Administrators may contact you anytime via Admin Chat while you are online.

The reason for contacting you might be:

  • Providing technical help,
  • Giving useful advice,
  • Information about temporary site related problems,
  • Information about Member feedback,
  • Calling your attention to the Rules, and
  • For identification.

Administrators may contact you anytime, therefore we would like to kindly ask you to pay attention to and cooperate with them. Our aim is to help and assist you in your development as an online Psychic on ORANUM.

Please also keep in mind that being rude or arrogant with our Support Staff (Admins) in our Online Support Chat Room, via e-mail, or during a regular Admin Chat (for inquiries or Violation notices) is highly prohibited.

Closing the Admin chat and uncooperative behavior may result in Account suspension. 

Providing Sexual Content

Oranum is a spiritual community and a family-friendly site. It strives for providing safe and enjoyable environment for every user, therefore providing sexual services are not allowed. In case a Member asks for such services please feel free to turn to our 24/7 available Support team. 

Minor violations

  • Psychic is not being present in the Free chat room.
  • Psychic is not paying attention to the Members. (Watching TV, browsing the web etc)
  • Psychic is Eating/Sleeping/Smoking
  • Psychic is visiting other Psychic's Free chat room against the owners will.
  • Using different language in Free Chat instead of English
  • Psychic advertising a lower price than their actual rate
  • Rude behavior
  • Using phone in Free Chat

Prohibited content

The followings are not allowed to appear under any circumstances in your Live Feed (Free and Private Chat), in your uploaded content or in Video Call:

  • Drugs, Alcohol
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Showing blood, brutality or bestiality
  • Offensive content or hate speech
  • Offering or accepting escort services
  • Incest, talking about minors in sexual context

Prohibited and Allowed Topics on Oranum 

Allowed to: 

Answering financial/investment question, even specific ones is fine until they are “multiple-choice” question (Member is asking for a specific investment into XY company or any other)

Thus, general advice related to eg. type of investment is acceptable.


  • Member: “Is this investment good?”

 Expert: “Yes, this investment is good for you…”

  “No, the investment seems not to be beneficial at this time etc..”

  • Member: “Should I invest into A or B?

Expert: A is better choice…”

  • Member: “Should I invest into Apple or Google

Expert: Apple appears better for you.”

Thus, general advice related to eg. type of investment is acceptable.

Not allowed to: 

You should make sure not to mention a specific company name on his own or push for a specific amount to be invested (to avoid private interest eg. he owns part of that company or has himself invested into mentioned company)


  • Member: “Should I invest into A or B?”

Expert: “None of those are good for you, but C option would be perfect”

  • Member: “Google or Apple?“

Expert: “I would suggest Amazon, you know I invested into it last year and its been really good for me”

Allowed to: 

Read on the situation of UA person in appropriate cases. It is also allowed to depict fictional UA characters in a non explicit way.


Member : My daughter came home scratched on her leg
Member: "name" 10.09.2013
Member: Can u tell me who did it plz

Not allowed to: 

Provide readings for persons under the age of 18.

Allowed to: 

Medical topics like general truths, herbals, traditional medicines can be discussed for example:

Psychic: Drink herb tea 2 times every day, so it will be good for your health.

Psychics always have to state that they are not medical advisors!

Not allowed to: 
  • Acting like a medical advisor


Member: I am not feeling well, can you tell me what is the issue?

Psychic: Yes, I see cancer.

  • Telling the member not to go to doctor with any issue


Member: I am not feeling well.

Psychic: I see no illness. You don't have to check it with a doctor. You will be better soon.

  • Giving recommendations on medicines/medicine dose.

Member: Should I take what the doctor said?

Psychic: Yes, but you only need the half of that dose.

Allowed to: 

Answering questions related to the “future” pregnancy


  • Do you seem me having children? When, this year?
  • Will I get pregnant? When?
  • How many kids will I have?
  • Will he be the father of my children?
  • Am I pregnant? Etc…
Not allowed to: 

Giving “medical” advices for an ongoing pregnancy

(general talk about it however is okay, eg. take more walks, eat healthy etc.)


  • Is my baby healthy?
  • What should I do? What do you advice?
  • Abortion? (any suggestion that would harm 3rd person/baby is not allowed)

You should refer the Member to doctor specialist for these/any  type of medical questions.

Allowed to:

Allowed until only tell that you see death in the future without mentioning a specific person as the subject.

For example:

Member: Will he die?

Psychic: I see death in 2021.

Not allowed to:

Tell the member if they are going to die and when.

For example:

Psychic: I see Patrick will die in three months.

 Black Magic
Allowed to: 
  • You can create a 'mirror' for a Member which means that any harm, curse or other type of black magic will reflect back to the person who sent it
  • Love knots and love spells do not count as black magic
Not allowed to: 
  • You should limit yourself in providing a passive protection to the Member and should not assist them into actively attacking/harming or weakening a third party
  • The discussion cannot involve 
    • Torture of animals, or any activity that implies it (e.g. showing cut-off goat head);
    • Any other criminal activity or even referring to it;
  • Any case when you imitate causing harm to a third party should be penalized 
  • Putting any kind of curse on someone is not allowed
 Sexual Content
Allowed to: 
  • Discussing the sexual life and preferences of the Member 
  • Sexually themed texting without acting, talking dirty
  • Dancing, stretching, exercising in a sexy way
  • Touching with clothes on
Not allowed to: 
  • You cannot show nudity and/or any kind of sexual content
  • Any unregistered person cannot appear, it counts as multiple violations 
  • Undressing, showing underwear
  • Zooming the camera to certain areas of the body, even dressed (breasts, bottom, etc)
Allowed to: 
  • You can discuss and give indication about which type of spirituality may be suitable to the Member (e.g.: recommending researching among Eastern religions without specifically suggesting Buddhism or any of them)
  • Mantra (some Psychics ask the Member to repeat a mantra or some kind of a prayer with them during a Reading, for example for spiritual healing)
  • You can and should recommend a specific prayer if the member wished to.
Not allowed to: 
  • It cannot turn into a hate-speech against any of the religions;
  • Cannot advertise any religious cults, or not-registered religious groups, etc. or lure the Member to join them.
  • You cannot recommend a specific religion to the Member, 
  • Any kind of proselytism, attempt to convert, shall be firmly prohibited.
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