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What is Story?

Stories are the main window for your world, the first impression users get of you. Take this chance to let everyone know what you’re really all about!

Free Stories are a great way to promote yourself, your content and show your fans your daily routine.

Subscription Story

Subscription Stories allow you to monetize your content and brand. Fans can unlock your Subscription Story by Subscribing for your content. Subscription period lasts for 30 days. 

Check here how to enable Subscription. 

Remember to upload high quality content regularly to keep your Fans interested and encourage them to keep Subscription active. 

Story Requirements

if you want to be featured on our homepage and take advantage of all benefits, you must upload photo Stories the right way! 

Follow these guidelines whenever you are creating Stories.  


  • Use a photo editor to add text to your Stories  
  • Promote paying features like Video Call, Messenger, Surprises, Live streams, Exclusive videos by using call to action text on photo / note 
  • You can also refer to your Exclusive videos, special messages, or any other engaging content.  
  • Upload Stories in a full portrait/vertical format (9:16)
  • Post notes to promote your upcoming Live sessions, newly uploaded videos, Video call availability etc.
  • Use emojis on Note / text


  • Upload Stories using horizontal or landscape photos  
  • Use blurry or upside-down photos  
  • Place your text in a way that it overlaps with Oranum's features or with your face (top or bottom of the photo)
  • Appearance of unregistered person
  • Using stock photos which have watermark on it (any logo) or people appear on the photo are not allowed. Generic stock photo is allowed (eg. astral sign, Oranum related pictures, patterns and esoteric topics) are OK.

Please check the general Rules, which are applied to My Story here.

Tips for Photo editing tools:

  • Camera edit on phone - Brilliance, black Points, Brightness and video
  • Facetune/Airbrush
  • LightRoom
  • SnapSeed
  • Over
  • InShot

Technical Requirements


  • Minimum resolution 640 pixels
  • Length 3-45 seconds 
  • Portrait aspect ratio (9:16)


  • Minimum resolution 520 pixels
  • Portrait aspect ratio (9:16)


  • Maximum number of characters: 750

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