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Subscriptions Introduction

Boost your income. Keep your biggest fans engaged. Grow your personal brand! 

Our Subscription feature allows you to monetize your content and brand. Members can subscribe to your profile to receive access to Subscriber-Only Videos and Subscription Stories. Set your monthly Subscription price in USD and encourage new Members to subscribe to your profile. Remember to upload high quality Subscriber-Only Content!

How to enable Subscriptions 

If you’d like to offer your Fans a monthly subscription to your profile, check if you meet all the requirements, and just follow these steps! 


  • You must have already created and uploaded at least 3 Subscriber-only video.
  • A Subscriber-Video and Subscriber-Image within every 72 hours in order to get new Subscribers

Please be advised that in order to keep appearing as a Broadcaster who can be Subscribed to and to be able to get new Subscribers you must have the minimum newly uploaded content requirements on your profile at all times! You need to have at least one new Subscriber only Photo and Video Story uploaded in the past 72 hours, so that you can:

  • Still appear under the Subscription filter on the site
  • Still have a "Subscribe" button on your profile
  • Display blurred out Subscriber-only content for potential new Subscribers

Step-by-step guide:  

  • Under the Profile menu, click on Price menu 
  • Click on “Turn on Subscriptions”  
  • Write a welcome message that will automatically be sent to all your new subscribers. 
  • Choose your monthly subscription price in USD (you can also set your price to Free)  
  • You’re done! Promote your profile and enjoy your new source of income!  

You may always check the list of Subscribed Fans and contact those whose Subscription is about to expire. Ask them which content they’d wish to see more of! 

Upload new content regularly to keep your Subscribers!  


  • Will my Subscribers have access to all of my content? 

Your Subscribers will have access to Subscriber-Only Videos and Subscription Stories. Exclusive Videos are not included. Each Exclusive Video must be purchased separately.  

  • Can I cancel Subscriptions?  

To disable Subscriptions, please contact our Support Team. Once Subscriptions have been turned off, your active Subscriptions will be cancelled at the end of the current Subscription period.  

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