What is Group Session?

Reach a massive audience with our Group Sessions. Convince members to join the show. Convert your new audience into loyal, paying members!

Why is it good for you?

  • Expand your audience with more members
  • You can gain more loyal members
  • Increase your income with additional earnings


OranumCam will remind you which phase of the Group Session you are in so you can act accordingly. The timer shows you how much time you have left of your Pre-Session. The Credit meter bar shows your current progress toward your credit goal.

Pre-Session view in OranumCam:

Group Session

The Group Session will automatically start once you reach your credit goal AND the Pre-Session time is up, or you can start it by clicking on the Start Group Session now. You can see which members contribute credits to your Group Session, and how many they send. The timer counts down to the end of the Group Session. Once the time is up, the show will automatically end.

First you need to add the description of your Group Session:

After that, choose a Credit Goal from 6 credits to 999 (or minimum of show length x2):

The minimum amount members need to spend to join your Group Session. It can be 2 credits to 500 credits (can never be more than the credit goal):

Next, Group Session length which referrs to the time intervall you want your session lasts. Minimum 3minutes, maximum 15 minutes:

Pre-Session length means the lenght of the Pre-session which is a time intervall when the members may book their place. This can be from 1 minute to 5 minutes:

Start Pre-Session by clicking on the Yellow button:

When you reach the Credit Goal, a message will pop-up offering you the option to start the Group Session:

Take the Star

Everybody wants to be a Star, and now your Members can become yours!

During your Group Session (and Pre-Session), members can compete with each other by giving you credits, and the member who sends the most credits will be your Star!

Your job is to motivate the other members to become your Star, thereby creating a contest to win your attention.

Remember, every Expert needs a Star!


  • Cheer up the Audience with a challenge
  • Encourage your Members to compete for your attention
  • The more credits they give – the more chances they have to become a Star!
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