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Besides the excellent camera image quality, your appearance and the atmosphere of your room are very important factors for the Clients. The appropriate design greatly helps to attract new Customers, and your existing Clients would be more likely to come back to you.

Therefore, ORANUM gives you all assistance to succeed in creating the ideal environment for you.

Area and Background

First of all, keep your environment clean and tidy. It is advised to have a separate room (possibly a living room or workroom) where nobody can disturb you, when you are online. It is very important to create a calm, confidential and familiar atmosphere, as your Clients may share very private information with you. They need to feel that they can trust you. At the same time, your comfort is also high priority, because if you feel exhausted, you will not likely be able to stream for a longer period of time. Avoid small, enclosed spaces or corners, those may create a confined feeling.

Use interesting and colorful tools, for example candles, pendulum, tarot cards, posters, avoid having a plain background. 

Good lighting is very important, since it can significantly enhance the overall impression of your room. It is better to use indoor lighting, from multiple light sources. The light should not come from behind of your back, since it can blind the camera. Make sure it is neither too bright, nor too dark in your room.


Your face should always be fully visible in the stream, avoid big head spaces or the opposite, cutting off the top of your head or hair. Please choose the camera angle carefully, both looking down or looking up may make you look tired and can be unattractive for the Clients. The best method is looking directly into the camera lens, while it is at eye-level position and hold your head and neck straight.

Be kind, active and and do not forget to smile. For ladies a little make-up is recommended, the camera makes everything appear slightly pale. 


Keep it professional, everything can be good in the scale from casual to elegant wear. Feel yourself comfortable in your clothes, but avoid exposing too much from yourself. Sexually teasing clothes (e.g. a deep neck-line or transparent shirts) are not professional or elegant.

Pendants, earrings, bracelets or rings can be all good accessories of your look, especially if they are related to spiritualism.

Avoid wearing the following things, since they look bad in the camera:

  • thin striped clothes (they cause camera interference)
  • large one-colored clothes (blob effect)

Avoiding these mistakes help you achieve an impressive quality camera picture.

Handling Visitors

For creating a stable Member base, it is important how you behave in Free Chat and what impressions you create in the Clients.

  • Greet everyone (Members by their Nicknames, but do not forget to say 'Hi' to Guests too) who enters your room and make a friendly and open impression in order to keep more paying Members in there.
  • Encourage guests in your room to create Member accounts, so they can take you to Private sessions. Please be polite with Guests too, remember every paying Member was once a Guest, who got acquainted with the site. It is extremely important to you and Oranum to make a good first impression.
  • Please note that the expected language to use on Oranum is English.
  • You should always be visible in the camera feed while in the Free Chat area, as visitors can join your room at any point.
  • Be active and talkative, engage your Visitors in conversation. They will more likely enjoy joining rooms, where they can see a lot of other Members and an active Psychic who leads the conversation and tries get in contact with everyone in the room. The more Member are in your room, the higher chances that others will be attracted and you will be taken to a Private Session. 

DOs and DON'Ts


  • Be active in your Free Chat, greet everyone who enters your room
  • Be kind and polite with your visitors, pay attention to them
  • Stream from a permanent, calm location with spiritual vibes, where nobody disturbs you, when you are online. Please remember, your Clients need your attention in full.
  • Keep your spiritual tools at hand (kettles, pendulum, tarot card, crystals etc)


  • Do not stream from inappropriate locations (no streaming while driving, dark rooms, kitchens, etc.)
  • Do not eat in Live Chat
  • Do not leave the camera feed
  • Do not do distracting activities (browsing the phone, watching TV, sleeping, etc.)
  • Do not be inactive
  • You shall not visit the channel of another Broadcaster, interact or try to interact by mean of the free chat tool with another Broadcaster of the Website, in a way that is detrimental, harmful, defamatory, offensive, or threatening to the other Broadcaster
  • Do not use pre-recorded videos. The Broadcaster must have a live camera feed while online
  • Do not ask money or gift for extra services
  • Misleading the Member, inactivity in Private Session or refusing requests that are within the rules is prohibited
  • Do not provide free service in Free Chat, remember, your talent, your efforts and your time are worthy
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